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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

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I am a wife to an amazing man, Tom, and proud mama to five beautiful and unique children. My youngest two are identical twin boys both with Down Syndrome and Autism. Three of my children have sensitive skin issues and have made me always on the prowl for gentle things to put on their body. I began making my own laundry soap in 2007 to try to save money and to take the chemicals and detergents out of my kids clothing.

My love for handmade soap started about 10 years ago when I grabbed my first bar from a farmers market. I remember smelling the soap and wondering if it would actually work as good as it smelled. After I used it the first time I was hooked. I continued buying soap from various soapers for years until I decided to give it a go myself in 2013. I took a cold process soap making class from Quiet Creek Herb Farm and School of Country Living (http://www.quietcreekherbfarm.org) in Brookville, PA. I began making soap just for my family with no intention of anything else. After gifting soap to family and friends they were coming back and asking how to get more…the idea of becoming a small home business entered my mind as I was currently not working due to the twins hectic schedule with doctors and therapies. The thought of having a creative outlet that could create an income for my family at my pace and during my free time was inviting.

I take pride in creating a work of art in small batches right out of my home. Most of my basement has now been converted into my own soapy workshop. Seems like it expands each year! I still do make an occasional cold processed soap but have taken hot processed soap on as my main type I produce. At times I now have up to 10 batches of soap cooking at one time, containing over 40 pounds of soap. I am frugal with most of my purchases in life but I am very picky about getting good quality oils for my soaps. I know I love and expect the best soap and make it a priority to offer that same standard to my customers.

Currently my products are displayed in four local stores: 


I do various craft shows during the year, as well as, private label and wholesale to interested businesses, email Stacy at: sales@stacyssoapsuds.net